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Exotic vanilla
{Light textured cupcake topped with Italian vanilla butter cream}


Dark chocolate desire
{Dark chocolate chip infused cupcake with dark chocolate creamy ganache}


Passionate marble
{Vanilla and chocolate infused cupcake topped with light French cream}

Fruity obsession
{Vanilla cupcake with strawberry, topped with fresh whipped cream- other seasonal fruits are available}


Velvet blueberry
{Exotic blueberry cupcake with berry frosting}


Banana and oat meal cupcake
{Banana chunks and oatmeal cupcake topped with light cream}


Carrot and raisin cupcake
{Carrot and raisin cupcake topped with light mascarpone cream}


Coffee italiano
{Coffee flavored cupcake with whipped cream and a hint of cinnamon}


Eggless cupcakes
{as requested}


Red Velvet
{Smooth red sponge cupcake with cream cheese frosting}


Cheesecake cupcake
{The original cheesecake-various flavors available}


Bourbon high
{Cupcakes with a dash of Jack Daniel butter cream}


Rum and raisin cup cake
{Rum and raisin cupcake topped with Italian butter cream}


Green apple vodka magic
{Green apple vodka infused cupcakes topped with Russian cream}

{Customized image cupcake}
{Customized fondant themed cupcakes}




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